REM EM units

REM and EM explained!

  1. Both REM and EM are relative units.
  2. EM children inherit size by scaling in relation to the parent font size.
  3. REM is only relative to the html(root) font-size.
  4. REM is best used to define the padding and margins.
  5. REM stands for “root em”.
  6. REM units help for responsive design.
  7. REM units are great for rapid prototyping.
  8. All sizes should be in REM units.
  9. REM units do not work in IE8.

Why Designers Fail

  1. No Ambition – Success takes a long time.
  2. No Plan – You’ve got to have a plan to not fail.
  3. No Point of View – Find your voice and sing loudly.
  4. Afraid of Criticism – Designers are private people.
  5. People Pleasers – Design for yourself.
  6. No Exposure – Exposure is critical for success.
  7. Pay Me Syndrome – “Show me the money” mentality.
  8. Runway Addiction – Putting on a fashion show.
  9. Wrong Starting Point – Chasing after the big prize.
  10. Saturated Market – We are global because of the internet.

10 Reasons to not Date a Designer

(1) They analyze everything…
(2) They know who did everything design…
(3) Nothing can be normal…
(4) They are never “actually” there…
(5) They constantly talk about other designers…
(6) They can’t stop tinkering…
(7) They can’t stop buying “cool” stuff…
(8) They are impossible to buy gifts for…
(9) Everything has to look great. Always…
(10) They have to dress the part…

Retro Icons

Project summary:
This is a personal project spanning from October to December 2013. I’m focusing on engaging viewers with a fall colors and interesting retro lines.

What I did on this project:
This is a vector icon that I created in its entirety from initial sketches to the final piece. I’m planning on releasing the free set when I have ten icons in the collection.

Retro Icon One
A retro icon set with fall colors.
Retro Icon Two
The second icon in this fall retro icon pack.

How to Hire Designers

There has been a fantastic response to the post on the Dribbblisation of Design, many people agreeing with the premise and adding to it, some disagreeing and offering counter points. I want to respond to people’s commentary, explain the original motivation for the post which wasn’t about Dribbble specifically, and talk about how we hire designers.

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