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Answering the "what if?"


The Archer redesign began with quantitative and qualitative strategy process to re-envision the Archer story and prepare for future success online. Through parent / student feedback and market research, we produces a visual design that answered the many “what ifs?” being asked since the founding of the school. This transferred into a successful site build and delightful website experience.


With the content and layout at the forefront, I set about crafting the site’s emotional appeal. Prospective parents / students visit the site with a specific vision of their future in mind, so our design had to cater to the mindset. Screen-width banners depicting students learning and having fun helped set the right tone. Quality photos of satisfied stide staff, along with bold icons, added vibrancy to the text. The re-worked visual branding provides the right mix of lifestyle appeal and tone.


The redesign reduced bounce rates by more than 30% across key student recruitment pages and supported an increase in page views of more than 200% across application landing and event pages, helping the school to showcase excellence in academia. Valuable additions such as the drag down FAQ menu, contact page inquiry form, and news section for blog posts, allow prospective stide to the opportunity to engage successfully with the school online.


Everything you have created for Archer is absolutely gorgeous. You’ve gone the extra mile at every turn and the result is a brand and website that exceeds our wildest expectations. You provided the service and professionalism of a full-service agency even though you are a solo designer. We’d recommend Lucas to anyone and thank you again.

Danny Alexia, Communications Director
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Strategy: Lucas Cobb
Branding: Lucas Cobb
Visual Design: Lucas Cobb
Build Design: Lucas Cobb