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Vertically center elements with 3 lines of code banner image

Vertically center elements with 3 lines of code

Saturday, July 11, 2015

3 short lines of CSS (excluding vendor prefixes) using transform: translateY  will vertically center whatever we want, even if we don’t know the elements height. The CSS property transform: translateY function allows us to achieve vertical center without having to use absolute positioning or setting line-heights, which require you to either know the height of the element… Continue Reading Vertically center elements with 3 lines of code

Five Font Trends in 2014 banner image

Five Font Trends in 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Handwritten type – encompasses both printing and cursive styles and is separate from formal calligraphy or typeface. Brush Up font  |  Ondise font  |  Goodfy font  |  Barber Shop font Google Fonts – interactive directory of free hosted application programming interfaces for web fonts. Open Sans font  |  Roboto font  |  Oswald font Flat Design type – places a clear emphasis on simplicity, minimalism, and intelligibility.… Continue Reading Five Font Trends in 2014

REM and EM explained banner image

REM and EM explained!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Both REM and EM are relative units. EM children inherit size by scaling in relation to the parent font size. REM is only relative to the html(root) font-size. REM is best used to define the padding and margins. REM stands for “root em”. REM units help for responsive design. REM units are great for rapid prototyping.… Continue Reading REM and EM explained!

Why Designers Fail banner image

Why Designers Fail

Thursday, March 27, 2014

No Ambition – Success takes a long time. No Plan – You’ve got to have a plan to not fail. No Point of View – Find your voice and sing loudly. Afraid of Criticism – Designers are private people. People Pleasers – Design for yourself. No Exposure – Exposure is critical for success. Pay Me… Continue Reading Why Designers Fail

Keyboard Shortcuts banner image

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheets

Friday, February 28, 2014

I’m excited to present Photoshop and Illustrator keyboard shortcut cheat sheets for Adobe CS6 from ZeroLag. They designed it specifically with graphic designers in mind. They also provided code below the graphics so you can share it on your blog to help improve the productivity of fellow graphic designers. There are printer-friendly versions that fit perfectly on letter-size… Continue Reading Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheets