10 Reasons to not Date a Designer

Here are ten reasons why you should not date a designer. They analyze everything… They know who did everything design… Nothing can be normal… They are never “actually” there…  They constantly talk about other designers…  They can’t stop tinkering… They can’t stop buying “cool” stuff… They are impossible to buy gifts for…  Everything has to […]

How to Hire Designers

There has been a fantastic response to the post on the Dribbblisation of Design, many people agreeing with the premise and adding to it, some disagreeing and offering counter points. I want to respond to people’s commentary, explain the original motivation for the post which wasn’t about Dribbble specifically, and talk about how we hire […]

An Agency Workflow for Responsive Web Design

I’ve been thinking about workflows for Responsive Web Design quite a bit, particularly since its now become our default approach on every new project – similar to Cloud Fours recent change of heart. I’ve been especially influenced by two recent articles on the topic, namely Dennis Kardys’s A More Flexible Workflow, and Viljami Salminen’s Responsive workflow. I struggled […]